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What is Included on this Web Site:

  • Caid Chancellor of the Exchequer Staff Listing
  • Caid Local Chancellors of the Exchequer Listing
  • Reporting Dates: Due dates for reporting
  • *** New Online Report ***
  • *** New Monthly - Bank Statment Online Report ***
  • TOOLS: Forms, Procedures and Links (�How to do it�)
  • Tip-ets Tips, Helpful Hints, Suggestions Good Advice from other exchequers
  • Position Details

    Kingdom Staff

    Kingdom Exchequer

    Deputy Exchequer

    Kingdom Exchequer

    Deputy Exchequer
    for Bank Accounts

    Deputy Exchequer
    for Paypal

    Deputy Exchequer
    for Warrants

    Deputy Exchequer
    for Regalia

    Local Exchequers

    Shire of Al Sahid - Sithmaith inghean Stiamhna -
    Barony of Altavia - Courtney of the White Meadow -
    Barony of the Angels - Sar'nat Mhic Caille -
    Barony of Calafia - Lasairíona inghean Ghéibheannaigh -
             Canton of Poll na Gainmhe - Hroudland von Freising -
             Canton of Summergate - Serena Nikolei -
             Canton of Tanwayour - Ellyn of Tanwayour -
    Shire of Carreg Wen - Aidan Brandr Arinbjornson -
    Shire of Darach - Alexander Kalidokis -
    Barony of Dreiburgen - Aldgytha of Ashwood -
             Canton of Mons Draconis - Maridonna dulce de Perugia -
             Canton of Gallavally - Fionna de Buchanan -
    Barony of Dun Or - Roisin ni Brian -
    Barony of Gyldenholt - Morgana Ferrari de Velletri -
              Deputy - Leonora Morgana
    Shire of the Isles - Lodovico Uccellini della Valle -
    Barony of Lyondemere - Borgunna Varsdottir -
    Barony of Naevehjem - Muirgheal inghean Sheumais -
    Barony of Nordwache - Muirenn inghean Chon Ruaidh -
    Barony of Starkhafn - Catylyn verch Morgant ap Llewellyn -
              Deputy - Úlfr Grímsson
              Deputy - Jade of Starkhafn
              Deputy - Guy le Bon
    Barony of Western Seas - Geneviene la Minstrelle -
    Barony of Wintermist - Fergus McDuff -
                Collegium Caidis - Hrorek Halfdane of Faulconwood -
                 Great Western War - Rowen Killian -
                 Heralds - Ariana verch Gwenllan -

    Report Dates

    Quarter                 Months                     Due Date         
           1              January - March            April 30th
           2              April - June                     July 30th
           3              July - September             October 30th
           4              October - December       January 30th
    Doomsday     January - December       February 15th

    Online Reports

    OnLine Quarterly Report - Submitting required quarterly report
    OnLine Event Report - Submitting Event report to both the Kingdom Seneschal and Exchequer
    Monthly - Bank Statment Online Report - Submitting montly bank statements to the Kingdom Exchequer
    Please use this report for all events in CAID

    Publications and Forms


    ** Kingdom Financial Policy ** - (PDF file - Board Approved Date:Jan 16, 2016)
    Non-Member Surcharge Submission Form - Submitting NMS to Kingdom
    ***New Excel Version - Event Budget Form *** - To assist an autocrat in planning an event
    Check Request Form - Request from to get checks
    Event Chain of Custody - This form helps track cash for your gate box
    Deposit Record Form - This forms help track bank deposits
    Cash Voucher / Reimbursement Request Form - This forms is for reimbursement for events
    Auction Sales Tax Remittance Form - This forms is for calculating and submitting taxes against an auction
    Budget Work Sheet - This is a blank Excel spreadsheet that can be used for your yearly budgets.
    Account Deposit Record Form - This form is to be used when dealing with bank deposits.

    SCA Publication

    Kingdom Exchequers' Handbook
    Local Exchequers' Handbook
    Society Financial Policy
    Warrant of Appointment to Financial Office: PDF or Word document
    Review of Books Report Excell file
    Regarding the use of SCA funds to purchase gifts
    IRS Letter confirming the SCA's 501(c)(3) status PDF, 811Kb
    Corporate Resolution from the Board, regarding Banks 75Kb
    Why and how the Non-Member Surcharge is to be collected
    SCA Financial Report Forms


    Kingdom of Caid regalia site
    Society Chancellor of the Exchequer

    TIP-ETS - Tips, Helpful Hints, Suggestions Good Advice from other exchequers.

    • Use a standard size piece of paper to attach all receipts (makes filing and finding much easier).
    • If using duplicate cheques, attached the "carbon copy" of the cheque to the associated documentation (bills, receipts, invoices), to tie the cash outlay (the cheque) to the supporting document(s).
    • Include NMS collected in "Event Income", not in "Other Income"
    • Include NMS payments sent to Kingdom as
      • "Transfer-out Within Kingdom" (US-to-US)
    • Use "Transfer-in" and "Transfer-out" only for transfers between branches in the SAME COUNTRY; use "Contributions Received" and "Donations to Another Non-Profit Organization" for transactions that cross the border.
    • Refer to the report form instructions (Chapter 8, SCA Chancellor of the Exchequer's Handbook); the SCA's version of "Fund Accounting" can seem a bit funny. Also good to read Appendix G, "Doublentry Bookkeeping, Basic Concepts and Practices".
    • Don't count deposits (money-in) for repayment of gate change or site deposits as Event Income. All money-out for gate-change, etc. should be recorded as a "Receivable" until paid back, and all Deposits should be recorded as "Other Assets". Re-payment (money-in) should just offset the original transaction (money-out).
    • Make sure that figures on the Balance Sheet and Income Statement tie to the supporting worksheets in the Financial Report packet. Working back-to-front on the packet can help ensure this.

    Send in your best practices, helpful hints, tips, and suggestions to be included here.

  • Position Details

    Kingdom Exchequer

    Responsible for all aspects of the Kingdom Exchequer. Kingdom Exchequer duties include, but are not limited to, financial oversight of the Kingdom and its assets; ensuring compliance to Financial Policies; reporting compliance for all Kingdom Branches; compilation of reports for all the Branches and the Kingdom accounts; and maintaining and updating Kingdom Financial Policy (in accordance with Society Financial Policy) and Kingdom Budgets.

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